Solutions To Growing Tomatoe Problems

I know you can’t help it. You can never deny that homegrown tomatoes are certainly a top grosser. You love it and you want more of it. But the fresh tomatoes you have in your homes are not products of one day labor. To have a piece of the best, you need to work for it and you need to be very cautious of some problems that may be observed as your tomatoes grow. These problems may be caused by natural conditions while most are caused by diseases, viruses and pests. But hey, you don’t have to worry so much. These troubles are very easy to handle especially if you could handle them earlier.

Here are the signs that you should look for in able to avoid tomato growing problems. You need to observe if green patches are evident on your fruit. These green patches signals that your tomato plant is exposed too much to the sun. This will later lead to fruits that will turn yellow instead of red. Blossom end rot is another problem that you might encounter as you grow your tomatoes. This is the condition wherein the fruit rots down. This disease occurs because of the lack of calcium or if there is an irregular water intake on your plant. Early signs of blossom end rot are the black spots that are formed on the bottom of your tomato’s blossom (just like how it is named).

The most common symptom for tomato plant infection is actually checked through the observation of the leaves of the plant. If the leaves that are found at the lowest part of the stem bows down and when there are brown stripes formed at the midribs, that means the plant may soon suffer from Bacterial Canker. If there are black spots on leaves specially the old ones, this is a symptom of Early Blight. This later on will continue until it includes the stems and even the fruits.

Other symptoms you need to observe to detect early tomato problems are darkening or yellowing of the leaves, the sudden falling off of your tomato plant’s leaves, discoloration and black spot formations on your stem and fruits, wilting of the leaves and the discoloration of the stems. Detection of tomato growing problems can be done with a very keen eye. And problems can occur anytime. It can attack the stems, the roots, the leaves and worst the fruits. “An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure” but if you really can’t prevent it especially if the major factors are beyond your control, then you just have to work things out.

With your every bite of the succulent tomatoes you have labored in your homes, you’ll definitely feel one of the freshest experiences. And for that you can’t help but ask for more. You’ll realize how these sweet fruit creates a blast as you take a bite one after the other. And you’ll tell yourself that despite the work you poured in growing your plants, it was indeed worth it.

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