My Tips For Growing Tomatoes

Wondering how to nurture a healthy plant to produce succulent tomatoes? Here are a few but successfully tested tips to give you the healthiest harvest of tomatoes to give you that lip-smacking salad!!

Firstly, tomatoes love heat! So, preheat the soil in your garden by placing a black or red plastic cover over the area intended for sowing, for a couple of weeks. This provides extra degrees of warmth to the area where the tomatoes are to be grown. Secondly, make sure the tomato plant is sown deep in the soil.

Seedlings are typically planted after they have developed about six leaves. Plant the seedlings deep enough so that only the top four leaves are showing. This also helps the tomato plant to create a stronger root system. The seedlings can also be sown sideways within a shallow trench. Care should be taken while inserting a stake into the soil, for the tomato plant to lean on while growing, so that it does not pierce the root system. Following these steps will definitely yield a great harvest.

Maintaining the plant requires a lot of attention from the growers. Pruning the suckers that develop in the joint of two branches of the plant essential as they suck the energy from the plant since they do not bear fruit. Leaves should also be pruned, although not too many, to allow sunlight to reach the ripening fruit. It should be noted that the leaves are the “kitchens” of the plant where, by the process photosynthesis, food in the form of sugars are prepared to provide the plant’s much needed sustenance. The tomato plants need to be watered regularly and enough to allow water to seep deep into the soil. Missing a few days of watering and trying to make up for it later leads to the rotting and cracking of the blossoms. However once the fruit begins to ripen, less watering should be done to allow the sugars in the plant to become concentrated. Stress and wilting of the plant will result in drooping of the blossoms and fruits if too much water is withheld

These well proven suggestions have been heeded by many tomato plant growers which have helped to support the health of the tomato plants and have led to an increase in the quantity and quality of tomatoes.

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