Island Grow Pots- 10 Gallon Grow Bag Container- Perfect for Growing Tomatoes

Island Grow Pots 10 Gallon Potting Bag. Reliable, Convenient, Portable way to grow your plants; the Mother of Island Grow Pots!

Product Features
– Oxygenate your plant’s root system
– With the unique breathable fabric, your plant will naturally air prune its root structure
– No more trapped water! With easy drainage your plant will no longer experience over watering
– Sturdy handles allow for easy transportation and rearranging of your garden
– Kiss your root bound plant goodbye

Island Grow Pots offer a great alternative to traditional plastic potting
Provide your plant with an oxygenated environment to allow and encourage root growth and development
The durable cloth potting material allows for sufficient airflow exchange between the plant’s roots and soil

Looking to conserve on water?!
– With Island Grow Pots your plant experiences better water disbursement
– Water is allowed to flow freely throughout the soil and root system carrying oxygen to all areas of the roots

No More Root Bound Plants!!!
Traditional platic pots cause large singular roots, aka damaging root bound plants. Island Grow Pots assist the plant in developing multiple smaller root clusters allowing for a healthier, happier plant
Now that the root system is no longer restricted to a plastic pot it can grow freely providing itself with the necessary space it desires to effectively grow to its full capacity

Our pot is your number one option, welcome to your plant’s oasis!

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