Growing Tomatoes: Everything You Need to Know . . . and More

Growing Tomatoes: Everything You Need to Know . . . and More

The TOMATO – vegetable or fruit? Does it really matter? What would we do without it? It is the nation’s most popular vegetable for home gardening. Tomatoes can be found everywhere . . . in large rural farms, in the middle of suburbia . . . as plants standing obediently against houses in the city . . . and in containers on top of skyscrapers in metropolitan areas. If you are thinking about growing tomatoes, you are in good company. And . . . when you know what you are doing, it is not difficult. The most difficult part is deciding on which varieties of tomatoes to grow – and of course, dealing with the “pests;” but, as the title says, this book will tell you “everything you need to know . . . an more,” so why not give it a try. There is even a section on growing tomatoes organically, which can be a bit more challenging, but well worth the effort. As you harvest your first succulent crop of organically-grown tomatoes you will experience double satisfaction. • First, you will have the pleasure and enjoyment from the hobby itself. • Second, you will have peace of mind knowing that at least one type of food you and your family are eating is free from pesticides and other harsh, chemical dangers. In addition to enjoying the fruits of your labors this summer, you will also be able to share your harvest with friends and families – and if your crop is large enough – even make a little extra money at the local Farmer’s Market. Pick up your book today and plant your seeds (or seedlings) soon! You will be glad you did.

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